Business Model

Capital Malls is a venture with a specific purpose of taking the entire Shopping Mall on a long term lease, preferably Malls which are 100% lease model. We take care of the headache, nitty gritties & operational hazards of any shopping Mall & give the Mall Developer a “Single Cheque” of rental & relieves them of the pain of co-ordinating with 100’s of Retailers, Kiosks, Signages, SOH, Events & promotions, etc, & their day-to-day operational challenges. We let the Mall developer focus on their core business & take the entire responsibility of managing the Shopping Mall in a Professional Manner.

Capital Malls operates, leases and manages the Mall as the “owners of the Mall” and they take the entire risk of making the Mall successful. Capital Malls, assures a fixed rental to the Mall developers and takes away all the operational and management woes mitigating the risk of the shopping Mall developers. The entire gamut of services such as Facility Management, Lease Management, Fit-Out Management and Mall Management are provided by professional teams with specialisation in their respective fields.

The Mall Management includes events and promotions, retailer interface, customer friendly environment, safety and security, housekeeping and up keeping, CAM management, rental collections, etc.